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Drink-Diesel 04-01-2018 04:42 AM

Buying a another pair of Ray-Ban aviators, do I get Polarized or not?
Hi, I wish to buy another pair of Ray-Ban aviators in Flash blue mirrored

But I found out for a little extra money I can afford the Polarized version

However... I’ve already got a pair of Polarized Ray-Ban which are silver gradient mirrored, it boasted that it comes with P3 Plus lens (whatever that is?)

I do enjoy Polarized outdoors in certain conditions ie really cloudy with sun or looking at water for fish. But when driving looking at car tints looks weird (circles, colour distorted) and just in general I feel things look slightly ‘funny’ or is it just me? Lol

Is it safe to drive with Polarized?

Is it ok to just buy non-Polarized ray-ban or is it “oh... you should of paid that little extra for the decent stuff”

Can’t decide if I’m gonna regret not getting Polarized as I really love the blue flash lenses but feel do I need Polarized because I already own a pair?

I just tried Polarized and non Polarized in the shop last night and felt again with Polarized I saw abit discolour in shop windows etc, but then they showed me a sign with a hidden message that was only visible wit Polarized lol

Can’t decide!

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