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Polarized Sunglasses Review
  • Polarized Sunglasses Review

  • If you are searching for sunglasses that could help you lessen the glare of the sun, then your search ends at Polarized Sunglasses. These pair of sunglasses offers you with extremely clear, glare-free vision. Nowadays, most of the people wear polarized sunglasses when they go for driving, golfing, and fishing. If we talk in terms of looks, then they are similar to ordinary pair of sunglasses but the best advantage that it offers is that it repels the sunlight in a way so that it does not get distracted when other things are focused. This results in great decrease in glare which in turn increases the visibility.

    Generally, it is experienced that the people who wear Polarized Sunglasses seem less tired, suffers from less fatigue and does not usually experience the problem of headaches during long journeys. In fact these, sunglasses also assist in driving boats or cars safely and thus enhance the open-air sports performances.

    At the time of fishing, if you wear these polarized sunglasses, it lets you to look into the sea more clearly and accurately.

    According to ďsunglass reviewsĒ - these sunglasses are not much costly and are available in a variety of patterns. These polarized sunglasses prove to be the best option for those who likes to enjoy various adventurous activities. These sunglasses are so weightless; that you wonít even mind wearing them the whole day. Another great advantage that is associated with it is that it helps in protecting your eyes from wind, glare, and dust.
  • Polarized lenses that are used in polarized sunglasses

  • Polarized lenses that are used in polarized sunglasses are available in two different versions -.75 mm lenses and 1.1 mm lenses. Though the impact of polarization is same in both the lenses, the difference lies in thickness that makes them different.

    .75mm polarized lenses - .75mm polarized lenses are thin and prove to be the best option where impact resistance is not the factor. These lenses can prove to be more suitable for games where resistance to breakage isnít essential.

    1.1mm polarized lenses - 1.1mm polarized lenses are typically made of thicker films. They provide us with comparatively increased impact resistance but have the same polarizing layer. As these lenses are thick, this makes them more costly. But as far as functionality is concerned, neither they provide more "polarization" nor they decrease glare better when compared to .75mm lenses.

    Mechanism of Polarized Sunglasses

    In order to make it less puzzling and technical Ė despite the fact that light is refracted, scattered or reflected, light waves can travel in any direction. When it orients from a single axis, itís said to have polarized effect. Various sunglasses that have polarizing effect are quite good.

    Polarized Sunglasses have polarized vertical stripes on them which restrict lights that travel in parallel path. Simultaneously, sunglasses only prove to be efficient only when the sun is over your head. For other angles, these sunglasses wonít prevent light from entering in your eyes but cuts it off mostly. Polarized sunglasses can never be used for reading from LCD screens, mobiles or any GPS device or digital screen of the ATM.

    Advantages of Polarized Sunglasses Ė There are numerous benefits that are associated with these sunglasses, some of them are listed below -

  • Decrease in Glare - Most of the Polarized sunglasses help in eliminating the various kinds of glares. Whether it is any kind of light that is reflected by the roadway, mirror, water or anything else, the lenses blocks the light from entering into your eyes. Glare is a typical problem that everyone faces in one or the other way, but if you wear polarized sunglasses then this glare donít affect you adversely.

  • Relieve strain from Eyes - Since the Polarized sunglasses helps in blocking the harmful rays, as a result, what you see becomes the improved version. It also results in reduced stress and eye strain. As eye strain often becomes the reason of headache, polarized sunglasses also helps in that regard.

  • Improved Contrast - Contrast is yet another advantage that is associated with Polarized sunglasses. Since the glare is blocked, contrast is improved. Improved contrast results in improved safety for many outdoor activities ranging from water skiing to cross country skiing. Improved contrast helps in letting you see things better.

  • Improved Clarity - Improved contrast, less glare and stress results in better clarity on the whole. If you see various substances clearly, your performance will also be improved regardless of what you are doing.

  • Eye Protection - Unlike replica sunglasses, when you wear Polarized sunglasses, your eyes will be protected from UVA and UVB rays. These rays are quite harmful for your eyes. In fact, the people who have sensitive eyes or have had an eye surgery recently must always wear these sunglasses.

  • Conclusion Ė A good pair of Polarized sunglasses can easily protect your eyes from UV rays and other lights that damages cornea and retina. Apart from that, their stylish models also add style to your face. As per the latest designer sunglasses review, if any pair of sunglasses can serve both benefits simultaneously, then it should definitely be worth purchasing.

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