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Old 05-03-2017, 08:23 AM
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Default To Polarize or not to Polarize

Polarized lenses have become popular but are they really beneficial & worth the extra dosh?
They say if you travel a lot, or spend a lot of time on water, polarized lenses are a good investment. They reduce harmful glare on reflective surfaces like pavement and water, making objects appear clearer—like a golf ball, highway lines or a trail deep in the woods. Not only is glare a nuisance, it impairs depth perception, distorts your view and colors, and can cause temporarily blindness, so the extra cost is worth it for many—especially athletes. Even if you’re not an athlete, we’ve all gotten the sun in our eyes while driving and it can be scary.

But wearing polarized glasses in certain conditions, such as downhill skiing or driving in winter weather conditions, could be dangerous. Some experts say that polarization may reduce your ability to distinguish between regular snow and dangerous conditions such as ice.

What is your thoughts or experience?
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